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Loes is known for starring in films like Voor Elkaar Gemaakt, Dik Trom, Rendez-vous, and Schneider vs Bax. She was the first actress to perform as Charlotte in the successful musical Soldaat van Oranje and amongst others she appeared in television series such as Vechtershart, Celblok H, Bernhard, Schavuit van Oranje and De Jacht for which she received a Gouden Kalf nomination.

Next to acting, Loes loves to sing. Along with her husband Floris she started the indiepop band LOUISV. In 2015 the song Trouble in Paradise was released as the title song for the movie Rendez-Vous and the band plans to get back into the studio later this year.

This summer ‘Redbad’ was released in theatres across the Netherlands, a feature film in which Loes has the female lead.