Marjolein Keuning was born in Vlaardingen. She studied singing (jazz & pop) at the Rotterdam Conservatory. She played Grizabella in the musical “Cats” in Hamburg. In 1989 she graduated as a musician (performer and teacher). She performed in “Chicago” and with a scholarship granted by the Ministry of Education she left for Los Angeles to study acting at the famous Lee Strasberg Institute.

Back in the Netherlands she got a part in “Les Misérables” followed by parts in several television series: “Bureau Kruislaan”, “Recht voor zijn Raab” and “Vrouwenvleugel” and at the same time she developed her talents in acting, musicaltheater and solo singing.

She was under contract with the RO Theater and was a principal cast member of the soap series “Onderweg naar Morgen”. From 1997 to 2001 Marjolein presented the successful KRO tv show “Het Gevoel Van” and during 4 seasons she performed in the television police series “Russen” on public broadcasting. She was the leading lady in the Novomundo dinnershow in Studio 21 (Wentink Events).

After which she returned to the Dutch theaters with the concerts “More Musical Strings” and “Hollywood Strings”, both conducted by Max Smeets. In 2008 she toured the country with her own soloshow called “Turf”. During this period she played in the movie “De Heineken Ontvoering” and did several guest appearances in various programmes. From 2008 until 2017 Marjolein played Maxime Sanders in the longest running soap series in Holland: “Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden”. Last year Marjolein developed her own television programme which showed a different side of her and she returned to the theater with her own theater show “De Verwarring” (f.k.a.“Turf”).

Marjolein is currently on tour with the musical “You’re The Top”, in which she starres as Linda Porter.