Performer Agency helps performing artists and creatives (Performers) to manage and further develop their careers. We can either do this based on a structural and long-term agreement or through our Performer Express service.

Performer Agency wants to be the best marketing and management agency for its Performers. To achieve this, we have 10 golden rules:

  1. Optimal accessibility for our clients.
  2. Proactive in our work.
  3. A clear and measurable long-term plan (Artist Road Map).
  4. Accessibility to our network.
  5. Inspire our clients and encourage them to take those few extra steps.
  6. Build relationships based on trust and hard work.
  7. Understanding the dynamic of this industry and looking for the best deals for our clients. Deals that will satisfy both client and customer (commissioning party).
  8. It goes without saying that we too work hard on our own visibility, positioning and development.
  9. Always open to feedback.
  10. We work on the brim of management, marketing and business development, within the personal context of every individual Performer.

We are affiliated with:

Dutch Agent Association