Performer Agency helps performing artists and creatives (Performers) to manage and further develop their careers. We can either do this based on a structural and long-term agreement or through our Performer Express service.

At Performer Agency we try to offer as much service as we can. Mostly, that is through  contract negotiations, PR and calendar management. And not in the least by using our ‘Artist Road Map’.

A personal (marketing) plan that enholds a Performers goals and dreams. For the short term but also for the long term. As a result, our Performers are well focused on what they need to do to reach their goals and it helps us as agents to advise each and every performer based on not just a hunch, but on true facts about a Performers career and his or her dreams.

We try to collaborate where we can. Performer Agency has writers, a photographer, singers and directors. Because we are a small agency we all know each other and everyone is just a phone call away.

And ,as a bonus, each and every performer at the agency develops some of their own projects. Varying from a new format for a series, feature film, a new play or an event for a good cause. Because we have a specific way of working as an agency, we attract only a certain kind of performer. And that’s exactly how we want it!

Talented, professionals who aren’t afraid of grabbing this business by the horns and working hard to develop a career way above their potential.

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